Spare Car Keys Mazda

Spare Car Keys MazdaMazda cars are simply gorgeous, and at Emergency Locksmith Perth our thinking is that vehicles with so much class should have nice-looking keys to complement them.

At Emergency Locksmith Perth, we provide replacement and spare keys for all brands of Mazda regardless of the type of immobilizer system they come with. So make sure to give us all the required details if you want an accurate quote.

An immobilizer code is needed to program brand new keys for Mazda models like the 323, MX-5 (1999 – 2005 Models), and 626. We would have to remove the ECU from your Mazda vehicle before the security code is extracted from a chip in the circuit board of the ECU. As soon as this code is taken out, programming of the key can be done without any problems.

For newer models of the Mazda vehicle such as 2, 3, RX8, and 6 that come with a built-in transponder chip in the head of their key, all that needs to be done to program a key is to simply plug in a diagnostic equipment into the vehicle.

Do you require a Mazda remote key? We provide keys with integrated remotes and those that come as a separate key and remote. The model of your Mazda vehicle will determine which one is available to you.

Get in touch with us by calling our local branch (you can find those details on our Contact Page) or by filling in the required details to receive an immediate quote for a brand new key now!

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Spare Car Keys Mazda in PerthThe VIN is an alphanumeric code comprising of numbers and letters – about 17 digits – which can be found on your vehicle’s paper works or on the vehicle itself. In a situation where it is difficult to find, take a look in your vehicle’s registration papers, stickers, or log books. You can also check on the back firewall of your vehicle’s engine bay.

If you are in doubt as to whether your vehicle has a transponder chip or not, please give us a call with the necessary car details on hand. Our pleasant customer service team is always available to assist you.

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